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Japan’s Miniso readies Australia expansion

Japanese retail giant Miniso has plans to expand into up to 250 stores across Australia by 2020.

The Tokyo-based retailer plans to open ten more stores in both Melbourne and Sydney by the end of this year, with another 60 stores expected to launch in 2018 across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia.

In addition, some 150 stores will be rolled out across the nation over the next three years, including in Tasmania and Western Australia, with 40 stores in both Melbourne and Sydney.

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The store plans will add to Miniso’s current stores in Sydney’s Hurstville, Bondi Junction and Chatswood Westfields.

Complete Retail Services is advising the retailer on its Australia store rollout, reported the Sydney Morning Herald. The group will start out opening more shopping centre stores in Sydney, as well as suburban streets in Melbourne.

“It appears that most ages are embracing the Miniso brand, in fact cosmetics are accounting for some 15 per cent of turnover,” Lawrence Brown, managing director of Complete Retail Services, told Fairfax Media.

“There are more stores currently in China, but in a short space of time they open so many worldwide. More than 50 in Hong Kong and they were opening five per week in Singapore and recently the first mega store opened on the outskirts of Bangkok and the turnover is outrageous.”

The lifetyle group, which sells fashion, cosmetics, accessories, homewares and in overseas stores, a selection of food, currently stocks approximately 2200 items, but the volume is set to hit 3000 within the next four months.

Co-founded in 2011 by Japanese designer Junya Miyake and Chinese entrepreneur Ye Guo Fu, Miniso has more than 1400 outlets in mainland China. It also has two stores opening in North America, and offerings in Europe and Dubai.