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TAG Heuer launches Calibre E4 smartwatch with NFT display

TAG Heuer launches an NFT viewer that allows users to display their digital asset collection on their TAG Heuer connected watch with a confirmed proof of ownership.

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TAG Heuer presents a new way to bring these valuable and highly collectible artworks into the real world. For the first time, they can be worn on your wrist with a verified proof of ownership. The TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 allows you to display NFT artworks on your watch by connecting your crypto wallet to guarantee authenticity. This novel experience is part of TAG Heuer’s expanding digital ecosystem of apps and watch faces, created by a team of in-house developers and bearing the brand’s trademark design signatures.

With this new feature, shoppers can transfer multiple NFTs to the new Lens watch face via a paired smartphone. The watch face has three unique ways of displaying time while showcasing your NFT artworks. This includes a conceptual design with a triangle and a circle representing hours and minutes. You can securely connect to various crypto wallets like Metamask or Ledger Live, and select the NFTs you want to display on your watch. You can also resize the images, so they fit on your smartwatch’s round screen.

The new TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 offers a platform to view these artworks whose ownership is secured by blockchain technology. Due to a high contrast ratio, the smartwatch’s industry-leading screen is clear in strong sunlight. And high fidelity color reproduction means your NFTs are displayed just as the creators intended.

In addition, TAG Heuer introduces a graphic proof of ownership on the watch face. Verified NFTs are displayed in a hexagon with a cloud of particles gravitating around the image. Some NFTs are still images, and some are animated GIFs. TAG Heuer’s watch face will support these formats in crisp detail, with animations looping infinitely.

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The new Lens watch face will work across both the 45mm and 42mm models of the TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 — making it easier to show off your favorite digital possessions. Users can display images from their personal photo library, NFT collection or from a range of TAG Heuer curated images. The brand has partnered with key community members around NFT projects.