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GCDS’ first NFT release allows you to adopt an alien baby

With the launch of its first NFT program, Italian fashion label GCDS enters the Web3 realm. Recently, the brand released a series of limited-edition Baby WIRDO NFTs, which grants members access to exclusive services and benefits.

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Giuliano Calza, creative director of the brand, revealed the whimsical Spring/Summer 2023 collection. Inspired by otherworldly beings, WIRDO, a fearless fashion guardian, embodied the spirit and new colour palette.

“The feeling of being alien is a common one. Sometimes we feel alien in the places that were once home. GCDS turn this feeling into a joyous force, embracing everyone’s colors” Calza stated.

Source: GCDS

GCDS will be releasing 4,888 non-fungible Baby WIRDO tokens. A limited-edition portrait of WIRDO will be minted for collectors along with members-only events, priority raffle sales and a chance to win runway show tickets. In addition, the label offers a 30 percent discount on its e-commerce platform with a complimentary goodie bag for each purchase.

Furthermore, ILGA-Europe, a group advocating for LGBTQ+ people’s safety, equality, and freedom, will receive a percentage of the sales proceeds in addition to premium members’ advantages. As part of the school’s commitment to inclusivity, diversity, acceptance, and celebration of distinctiveness, the initiative stands in line with these values.

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“We are keen to move GCDS further into the Web3 space. We’ve trialed accepting cryptocurrency as payment for our products and we want to create an online community around our brand. Ownership of a WIRDO NFT automatically makes you a member of our alien community” Calza explained.