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Prada launches The Prada Time Capsule NFT project

The Prada Time Capsule NFT project, a limited-edition collection of shirts designed by Damien Hirst’s son Cassius, was released on 2nd June.

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On the first Thursday of every month, Prada hosts a Time Capsule event during which a particular line of clothing or fashion accessories goes on sale for 24 hours. The sale is organised as first come, first served. Now, the brand is adding non-fungible tokens into the mix with every buyer also receiving a one-of-a-kind NFT.

Prada’s NFT drop on June 2nd will feature a total of one hundred gender-neutral (unisex) t-shirts, button down shirts, and polo tops designed by artist Cassius Hirst.

Each garment will come with a collection of 100 NFTs created on the Ethereum blockchain. The Prada NFTs will be airdropped to each shirt buyer’s NFT wallet address after purchase all over the world. Additionally, customers could be eligible for additional Prada NFTs in the future, as well as other bonuses and VIP experiences.

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Prada has also developed a NFT community server called Prada Crypted on Discord to explore the use of NFTs in fashion.