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MINISO opens first flagship store in Malaysia

On 17th June, lifestyle retailer MINISO introduced a brand-new store format through the launch of its first flagship store in Selangor, Malaysia. The 684.6 square metre retail space is located in Setia City Mall, one of the largest shopping complexes in Shah Alam, Selangor. 

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The new store concept, referred to as MINISO 3.0, puts an emphasis on a family-friendly shopping experience. Every member of the family has somewhere to shop and something to enjoy in the store. 

The biggest difference between the flagship store and other MINISO stores is its brand-new toy section. It presents both popular licensed products from world-renowned intellectual property owners, and MINISO’s original MINI Family collection. The toy section occupies 20 percent of the retail space in the store and appeals to shoppers the most. This section also incorporates trendy and modern design in the decor and display, featuring a unique plushie wall, blind box wall, and a play area for building bricks.

“The dedicated toy section allows every MINISO customer to experience the immense fun and joy brought about by our toys, while enjoying the treasure hunt shopping experience in our store,” said Vincent Huang, Vice President of International Business Department at MINISO. “The flagship store truly speaks our belief – ‘Life is for fun’.”

Source : MINISO

In addition to toys, the Selangor flagship store has a fragrance feature wall showcasing a variety of MINISO’s scented products, including perfumes and home fragrances. This addition was made after MINISO noticed many Southeast Asian consumers were more interested in shopping for fragrances or scented products. One study put that figure at around 72 percent. 

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“Malaysia is a melting pot of ethnicities, religions and cultures. These inspire MINISO to reflect diversity in our products and stores,” Vincent added. “MINISO first entered the Malaysian market in 2016 and saw huge potential in the country. We’re delighted to announce the grand opening of our first and biggest flagship store here. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our customers who have supported MINISO over the years, and our partners who have grown with us.”