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Apple to open first Malaysia store this month

Apple will open its first retail store in Malaysia this month in Kuala Lumpur, as it expands its retail network across Southeast Asia.

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Located in The Exchange mall, the new standalone store will open on June 22 and will provide customers with access to the full range of Apple products and services, from the latest iPhones to the newest iPads, Mac devices, Apple Watches, and more.

Last year, the tech giant announced plans open at least 24 new stores worldwide through 2027, focusing on expanding its retail presence in Asia and Europe.

The main focus of the expansion is the Asia-Pacific region, with 21 new or revamped sites planned through 2027, according to a Bloomberg report, with some 15 of those stores expected to be new openings.

The report added that Apple will revamp or relocate six stores in Asia in the coming four years.

Apple currently has more than 520 stores in 26 countries, with approximately half of them located in the U.S.

The Asia-Pacific market generated about USD 130 billion of Apple’s revenue in 2022— roughly a third of its total — and countries like India have emerged as a growth engine, with the iPhone maker opening its first two stores in India in April.