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The Shilla Duty Free rebrands ‘Shilla Tipping’ to ‘Global Shilla Tipping’

Shilla Tipping

The Shilla Duty Free is rebranding its widely popular mobile review platform from ‘Shilla Tipping’ to ‘Global Shilla Tipping.’

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The revamped mobile review service aims to increase overseas awareness of K-beauty brands and has been enhanced with new multi-language services.

The new technology is targeted towards foreign customers and offers over 150,000 real-time product reviews, which will be auto-translated to Chinese, followed by Japanese and English.

Global Shilla Tipping encourages travelling Chinese customers – a key demographic in South Korean travel retail – to discover the latest K beauty brands direct from their mobile devices.

“Foreign customers who use The Shilla Duty Free mobile app are either scheduled to visit South Korea or highly interested in South Korean cosmetics. We will strive to promote K-beauty across the world through Global Shilla Tipping,” said The Shilla Duty Free

The Shilla Duty Free hopes that the user-generated reviews logged on Global Shilla Tipping will provide invaluable information for brands looking to enter China’s lucrative duty free market.

As reported, The Shilla Duty Free first launched its Shilla Tipping mobile app in September 2018. The application allows customers to share product reviews and experiences with others using the vital mobile channel and targets the Millennial generation in particular, said the retailer.

Profits generated by The Shilla Online Duty Free customer reviews are also shared with the reviewer, to further encourage engagement on the application. Members who have written reviews can receive a cashable reward up to 3 percent of the sales generated.

In less than six months, Shilla Tipping quickly established itself as South Korea’s top social review and shopping platform. By February 2019, the review platform hit ten million visitors and average of 80,000 users daily. Shilla claims that more than 150,000 reviews about 40,000 different products have been logged on the platform; and that more than 40,000 of those reviews have directly led to purchases.

30 ‘star creator’ members have generated over KRW100 million (US$85,000) each in sales, with one recording around KRW230 million (US$197,000), said the retailer.

In addition to this, Shilla Tipping also holds specific brand events called ‘Brand Weeks’, which were designed to increase awareness and revenue for participating brands. Past participants include beauty powerhouses such as The Estée Lauder Companies, L’Oréal Group, LG Household & Health Care, as well as Korean brands such as Milk Touch and CNP.

According to the company, all participating brands enjoyed an average of double-digit sales growth after the event. The Shilla Duty Free will also be holding similar brand week events for Global Shilla Tipping, with a renewed focus on up-and-coming South Korean beauty brands.

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The Shilla Duty Free is confident that the new platform will maximise the potential of K beauty on a worldwide stage. The Shilla Duty Free said in a statement, “Foreign customers who use The Shilla Duty Free mobile app are either scheduled to visit South Korea or highly interested in South Korean cosmetics. We will strive to promote K beauty across the world through Global Shilla Tipping.”