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Lazada launches Lazearth campaign

This April, Southeast Asia’s e-commerce platform Lazada launched a LazEarth campaign as part of the company’s commitment to support sustainable practices in the digital commerce ecosystem.

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The campaign will initially focus on plastic waste reduction in product and packaging, given that Southeast Asia generates an estimate of over 31 million tonnes of plastic waste each year with 91 percent of consumers stating that they are concerned about plastic waste issues in the region.

Lazada will work with LazMall brands and partners to make eco-friendly products easily accessible and identifiable to consumers. Under this campaign, Lazada will recognize and feature more than 70 brands and 5,000 items across mainly fashion and FMCG product categories that are made, packed, or shipped with reduced or better plastics.

“As digital commerce continues to be one of the key growth drivers in Southeast Asia, it is crucial for companies to place sustainability at the core of their strategies to build stronger and greener economies,” said Magnus Ekbom, Chief Strategy Officer, Lazada Group. “The LazEarth campaign is part of Lazada’s ongoing efforts to address plastic waste and help our buyers make informed decisions about sustainable products.”

Apart from addressing plastic waste, Lazada has put in place partnerships and social initiatives aimed at building a sustainable digital commerce ecosystem in Southeast Asia. In Vietnam, Lazada partnered with the National Trade Promotion Program to offer lychees from farmers in Hai Duong on the platform during the pandemic. This enabled Vietnam’s rural farmers to reap the benefits from participating in digital commerce and ensured the long-term growth of the agricultural sector in the digital era. In Indonesia, together with PT Smoot Motor Indonesia, Lazada Logistics introduced the Blue Vehicle, a practical and environmentally-friendly package delivery fleet for Lazada’s frontliners in the country.

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“As part of our commitment to build a lasting digital commerce business in Southeast Asia, we recognize that sustainability and value creation will become increasingly important to our long-term success. With the launch of LazEarth, we look forward to forging more collaborative partnerships and green initiatives that will empower our brands, partners and consumers to collectively create responsible and sustainable shopping and consumption habits,” commented James Chang, Chief Business Officer, Lazada Group.