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Flash Coffee extends partnership with CleanHub to go beyond plastic neutral

Flash Coffee, a tech-enabled coffee chain, announced the extension of its partnership with green start-up CleanHub, as part of its goals to become more than a plastic neutral brand.

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In November 2021, Flash Coffee began to neutralise its plastic impact for all past, present and future purchases and have committed to recover over 80,000 kilograms of plastic waste to date in collaboration with CleanHub.

For every Flash Coffee purchase, the coffee chain works with CleanHub and its global network of plastic collection projects to recover the equivalent amount of plastic before it reaches the oceans.

With Flash Coffee’s latest app update, customers can now opt in to play a pivotal role in the coffee chain’s sustainability journey. After selecting orders on the Flash Coffee app, customers can choose to contribute S$0.20 (US$ 0,15) on the check-out page to enable the recovery of 10 times more plastic than needed to neutralise the impact of a single plastic cup. The top-up would make their purchase Plastic Neutral+, where 100 percent of the contributions will go towards funding a selected CleanHub’s collection partners, Indonesian fishermen community GOT BAG and Indian social enterprise Green Worms. Upon check-out, customers will be notified of the latest volume of plastic-collection they have enabled, courtesy of CleanHub’s unique tracking technology.

“Sustainability is an incredibly important topic for Flash Coffee, and our CleanHub collaboration that goes beyond plastic neutrality is just the beginning of our journey. We are glad to be able to include our customers in our mission, and harness this collective power to create a larger positive environmental impact that recovers more plastic and leads to cleaner oceans. Our team remains committed to protecting the environment and minimising our impact wherever possible, and we are consistently reviewing supply chain upstream and downstream processes, product designs, in-store initiatives and beyond to understand how we can do more. We look forward to unveiling more sustainability-focused campaigns and partnerships with like-minded brands in the future,” shared David Brunier, CEO and Founder of Flash Coffee.

“We are building a future where plastic is too valuable to waste. So far, we have enabled the recovery of over one million kilograms of plastic waste and we are connecting more than 100 brand partners to collection hubs in Asia. By engaging with us, brands are not only making an important environmental commitment, but also having a huge social impact. Thanks to Flash Coffee, we can help set up robust collection infrastructure that not only keeps plastic out of the ocean but also provides dignified jobs for hundreds of people,” added Joel Tasche, CEO and Founder of CleanHub.

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In a bid to reduce the volume of single-use plastics in the coffee chain’s operations, Flash Coffee Japan will switch to paper cups for iced drinks in March. The initiative will be piloted first in Flash Coffee Japan, and rolled out across the wider region later this year.