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New battleground for offline beauty retail as Florasis opens first physical store in Hangzhou

China’s Florasis (Hua Xizi), an emerging makeup brand, has opened its first offline flagship store by the West Lake in Hangzhou. The 1,000-square-metre store embodies the philosophy of traditional eastern aesthetics through its interior design.

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Founded in Hangzhou in 2017, Florasis focuses on natural essences and beauty products. The brand combines storytelling with a strong national identity to create its cosmetics products, tapping into the “guochao” trend, which draws inspiration from Chinese heritage. By 2021, the brand is expected to reach RMB 5.4 billion (USD 774 million) in total GMV in the C-beauty industry.

The first Florasis physical store will create a beauty retail space that resembles an art gallery for customers, with immersive and comprehensive customer service available to assist shoppers in understanding Florasis’ products and culture, according to a Florasis spokesperson.

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C-beauty brands are fiercely competing for retail space in offline cosmetics and more brands are entering. By 2021, Perfect Diary, another Chinese cosmetics brand that has captured the hearts of Gen Z, will have more than 270 physical stores in 150 cities. On top of that, a number of local makeup companies have also announced plans to expand into physical retail last year, including Little Ondine and Biohyalux.