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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with team: towards a new era 

Fall 0.3 Connection is about divergence and dilutes the perception that consumers have of in favour of a  0.3 definition that frames as INVENTIVE, INTUITIVE and INSTINCTIVE and emphasizes the Connection as the unification of distinct brands, creative industries and subcultures transversed in an unusually organic manner. 

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With a slightly rebellious approach while celebrating its second anniversary, defies expectations and takes “streetwear” to the next level where the “Urban Luxury” is born.

On 27 September, tribe gathers in a place where creativity has no limits, REXKL, a cinema previously in ruins and now reimagined to reveal what morphed the past and present with no rules and no barriers. In this place, team enhances the connection between streetwear and pop-culture blending the world of fashion and cinema into one creative system for the event. presents the Fall / Winter 2019 from some of today’s most popular menswear and streetwear brands and collections. Japanese cult labels like Y-3, Fumito Ganryu and Mihara Yasuhiro with stylish pieces of the season. Ami, Etudes and Maison Kitsune exude timeless Parisian chic while brands like Palm Angels channel the skater cool of California.

International coveted names join the Fall 0.3 Connection of brands including A-Cold-Wall, Marcelo Burlon, Heron Preston, GCDS and Wooyoungmi. While sneakerheads will find plenty of collectables from minimalist shoe brand from Adidas statements to SHOES53045, the designer behind the Triple S, David Tourniaire-Beauciel dropped a new line of exaggerated sneakers.

For the occasion Retail in Asia has met the team behind the curation of high-end streetwear brands for Malaysian Millennials and GEN Z. 

Malaysia is an emerging market, and Kuala Lumpur is a vibrant multicultural city that has become a retail destination for both brands and consumers when it comes to fashion. 

Millennials and GEN Z are well known to be tech-savvy and always up-to-date about new trends and emerging brands. They are constantly connected and very fashion-conscious, and the same applies to young consumers in Malaysia. 

While in KL, walking around, visiting the Pavilion KL, hanging out at coffee shops and bars, new trends and brands can be spotted and a market visit offers an overview of how the country is developing. 

Pavilion KL has become the destination for both luxury brands and consumers and its brand portfolio includes mainly luxury and premium brands, gathering all the big players within the industry and the ones meeting the Malaysian market’s demand. 

A multi-brand store (Bluebell’s creation) stands out for its unique retail concept and brand curation that attracts new generations of customers who are fashion connoisseurs and tech-savvy know exactly what they want.

RiA : Where the idea came from? Team : The conversation took place over lunch with Bluebell CEO. The idea was to think about a concept for the Malaysian market that could directly meet the interest of the Malaysia consumers. Our goal was to fulfill the uprising demand of the market constantly on the lookout for new arising, social media trending, cult and disruptive brands in the market globally, particularly for menswear.

The idea of testing was not sustainable for a mono-brand, so we decided to look at trends among Millennials and GEN Z globally, and streetwear was one of them matching the Malaysian market’s demand. Therefore, the plan of creating a multi-brand store curating high-end streetwear brands was born with the objective of bringing the latest trends and styles to KL. 

RiA : How do you select brands for Team : Brands landing at are brands rapidly growing their social media presence, new emerging yet making the loudest noise globally. The first brand fitting those criteria were the brands from the New Guards Group from Italy. To name a few, Marcelo Burlon County of Milan label, Palm Angels, Heron Preston, and Unravel Project and an additional brand like Y-3. once recruited them, our journey started.

The curation process follows the searching habits of our customers, with whom we also interact to understand which brands they might be interested in seeing in Malaysia. Our goal is to build our portfolio based on their wishlist. Being active on social media is a key priority for us, and that is the way we spot new brands to approach.

RiA : What’s your customer profile? What do they search for? Team : Our customer profile mainly includes the notorious Millennials and GEN Z. They come here because they know they will find staff with the same age and passion to welcome them. The key element is indeed to match the mood and vibes.  

The staff is usually between 20 and 30 as it is important to connect with consumers and speak their language. This targeted group is extremely tech-savvy, constantly keeping an eye out on the latest brand, which is making the loudest noise globally. 

Our customers usually come here as they know they will find all the latest collections from high-end streetwear brands. They are acting extremely fast in capturing the latest trends in the market. Their high curiosity and desire to compete to be the first ones owning the latest collection arrived in-store makes the whole process dynamic. 

Most of the times, the brand has achieved a strong online brand presence, but it is new into the offline retail landscape. 

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RiA: How did you see evolve throughout time? Team : The initial plan was to have brands coming from one country of origin only, then we realized that exploring different options would have covered global trends and at the same time having the opportunity to mix and match both West and East, experiment emerging brands sharing the space with the most established ones. 

We envisioned that would be a word-of-mouth store and drop exclusively collections. 

With time, has become more and more a social media-driven business aimed at providing consumers with the most updated selection of high-end streetwear brands and the only way to do it is leveraging on social media data.


*Bluebell is the owner of Retail in Asia