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Apple reveals plans for iPhone 14 launch

According to multiple sources, Apple plans to unveil the iPhone 14 range on September 7, rolling out the latest iteration of the brand’s signature product that accounts for more than half of its sales.

The release of the latest iPhone will mark the beginning of a hectic fall product season that is anticipated to feature new Mac products, high-end and low-end iPads, and three different Apple Watch models.

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Apple’s stock prices increased by over 1 percent to USD 174.54 during trading in New York. The stock is still down 2 percent this year, although it has recently recovered from a far worse decline.

In keeping with the strategy it established at the beginning of the pandemic, Apple plans to stream the event online rather than hosting it in-person. According to Bloomberg News, Apple product launches are highly polished events, staff members are said to have already started recording portions of the presentation.

The standard iPhone 14 will resemble its precedent model, but the 5.4-inch “mini” variant will be dropped with the new addition of a 6.7-inch model. For the first time ever, Apple will introduce a non-Pro iPhone with a display in such size.

Source: Apple

For the iPhone 14 Pro range, Apple is considering more significant upgrades. The new design will come without the notch, or cutout for the front-facing camera, and replace it with a pill-shaped Face ID sensor hole and the camera. Users are expected to be able to enjoy more screen space from the change. Additionally, Apple is also reportedly upgrading the iPhone 14 Pro’s chip to enhance its software functions.

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Another product highlight will be the widely popular Apple Watch series. For the upcoming drop, women’s health features and a body temperature sensor will be added to the latest Series 8 Apple Watches. The standard model will resemble the Series 7, but a new pro model will target customers who are more active – rumored to come with a larger display, tough titanium housing, improved fitness monitoring functions, and longer battery life – all important features catering to the lifestyle of a sportier audience.