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The Storefront launches a new communication channel on the Storefront Marketplace where you can talk and transact directly with space owners through a secure messaging and payment service.

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The messaging service makes it easier to browse spaces and contact space owners directly to find out more about the venue, price and availability. The new messaging feature connects potential tenants directly with space owners from all over the world selecting the listings that meet the pre-set requirements.

Pop-up is way more than a temporary retail solution, it is a vibrant community that is driving the retail revolution and The Storefront has decided to provide a platform to enable people to join the conversation.

Pop-up stores are leading the retail revolution and are valued by businesses entering new markets or testing new products.

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For brands, it represents a flexible option to connect with existing and new audience to provide an engaging experience using limited space to attract and increase foot traffic.

Retail in Asia has partnered with The Storefront to boost the pop-up revolution in Asia and offers you the opportunity to browse the listings on our website.