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TAG Heuer offers limited edition watch in honor of Sohn Heung-min

TAG Heuer offers limited edition watch in honor of Sohn Heung-min

Swiss luxury watch brand TAG Heuer unveiled a new limited edition timepiece in honor of its brand ambassador Son Heung-min, one of Korea’s top sports stars playing for Tottenham in the English Premier League.

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The HMS limited edition watch boasts a carefully chosen color palette, a special number and design scheme that symbolizes the soccer player. According to the company, Son also participated in the design process, adding specialty to them.

TAG Heuer picked Son as its brand ambassador in 2014 when he played in the Leverkusen team.

The watch’s notable features include red and blue colors in the dial index and an engraved Taegeuk mark on the back case to symbolize Son’s home country Korea. Son personally requested the inclusion of the national symbol instead of his own signature, the brand said.

The blue color in the dial is HMS Blue created by TAG Heuer for Son, inspired by the color of his current team Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. It is the first intentionally designed color for a single person in history of TAG Heuer, the company claimed.

The watch’s date window color is conspicuous with number 7 designed to remember Son’s back number. The color turns into red on the 7th day of each month. The timepiece will be sold only in Korea with 777 pieces on shelf.

Each watch is engraved with a serial number from 1 to 777. The No. 7 watch was given to Son and No. 77 and No. 777 will be auctioned off in mid-August. All proceeds will be donated to support youth football teams, according to the company.

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The company will start to take pre-orders in August 2019 before going on sale in September.

(Source: Pulse News)