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SK Planet & Samsung partners in SE Asia

Samsung SK Planet - Retail in Asia

SK Planet and Samsung Electronics Southeast Asia and Oceania have signed a memorandum of understanding on an e-commerce partnership in Southeast Asia.

The MoU, signed in Singapore, aims to promote Samsung’s brand presence and provide increased convenience and access to the Korean company’s products in Southeast Asia through 11street Malaysia, 11street Thailand and Elevenia in Indonesia.

Samsung and SK Planet have successfully collaborated in the South Korean domestic market, and are aiming to extend this relationship into Southeast Asian markets to provide better services to their customers, they said.

During the past four years, SK Planet has grown in overseas markets by leveraging its operational and technical expertise from 11street Korea.

SK Planet has launched its e-commerce platform into new markets every year, beginning in 2013 with Turkey’s, where No 1 market leadership was achieved in two and a half years, followed by Elevenia in Indonesia, 11street Malaysia, and most recently 11street Thailand.

Hong Cheol Jeon, chief executive officer of 11street Thailand, said: “Our official launch of 11street Thailand this month was of great success, with over 3,000 partners, customers and media joining. This collaboration with Samsung will help to strengthen our partnership in Thailand and enhance our customers’ online shopping experience.

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“We are excited to work together with Samsung to provide greater product variety along with exciting promotional events.”

Samsung and 11street say they seek to create complementary synergy by tapping into each other’s competency, expertise and experience.

Consumers will enjoy Samsung’s official Shop-in-Shop page on 11street, complemented by delivery and installation by Samsung authorised distributors.

The Samsung Shop-in-Shop page enables consumers to search, browse and purchase Samsung products easily, as well as gain access to exclusive online-only products and presale offerings.

The service also includes speedy delivery and hassle-free product installation, Samsung says. Consumers will also have access to promotional discounts from Samsung via 11street Thailand.

Special promotions will be rolled out starting in March, where customers will be able to take advantage of zero interest for 10 months of instalments, receive exclusive coupons of up to an additional 20 per cent off, and other promotional offerings.