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Café Kitsuné opens second location in Tokyo

Café Kitsuné

Café Kitsuné has opened its second outlet in Japan’s capital. Located in Tokyo’s Shibuya, the new café sits on the second floor of the north block in Miyashita Park and boasts a minimalist interior design.

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Riffing on the restaurant chain’s modern design, a warm and woody colour palette is used from floor to ceiling to walls, with pops of copper and creamed marble punctuating the store layout. Homing in on the local style, traditional Japanese design elements have been mixed in, including tatami mats. The latter is similar to Café Kitsuné’s Omotesando location, which opened back in 2013, emphasising the integration of traditional Japanese tearoom culture.

At the new Shibuya outlet, shoppers will be able to order Café Kistuné’s usual beverages including coffee and teas, as well as a list of Shibuya-specific items such as Strawberry Mocha and Mango Coco

Café Kitsuné 1
Source: Café Kitsuné

Café Kitsuné is part of the Maison Kitsuné fold. Starting off as a record label in France in 2002 by Gildas Loaëc, Masaya Kuroki and Åbäke, Maison Kitsuné is globally known among style-and-music- savvy individuals for Paris-meet-Tokyo fashion influence and its iconic fox logo, with ‘kitsuné’ meaning fox in Japanese.

The clothing brand spread to fashion destinations around the world including Paris, Tokyo and New York.

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Looking ahead, Café Kitsuné is set to expand to Thailand, opening its first Bangkok branch on the ground floor of Emquartier in the third quarter of this year.