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8seconds collaborates with young artists for new collections


The fast fashion brand 8seconds is collaborating with more young artists to attract Millennials and Generation Z.

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The Samsung C&T unit said it released new items in collaboration with designers Rarebirth and Teum. Rarebirth is known as a graphic artist who expresses his thoughts in various ways, while Teum is known as an illustrator who depicts everyday images in her own style.

Throughout this year, 8seconds has cooperated with unique artists in Korea, such as Noh Sang-ho, Soon Easy, and Lee Yo-han.

Its latest collaboration with the two designers of the art agency AXOO is intended to provide its customers with new and sensational items for the fall/winter season, according to the brand.

The designers illustrated their sense of loneliness following a pleasant summer vacation with 8seconds’ trendy items. The items were decorated with graphics and illustrations of tanned skin, empty wallets and seashells. Their collection is comprised of 28 items including casual clothing and accessories.

To exhibit the works of Rarebirth and Teum, 8seconds will also run an art gallery on Garosu-gil in southern Seoul until 21st October. This is the first time the brand has opened a gallery. The works of Rarebirth will be displayed on the first and second floors until 16th September and those of Teum will be displayed between 17th September and 21st October at the same place.

While customers are able to experience the integration between fashion and art, the young artists will have opportunities to raise their profile among the public. At the gallery, 8seconds will continue to hold exhibitions in collaboration with rising artists in various fields.

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“We are actively working together with various young artists starting this year to deliver young and trendy emotions to millennials and Generation Z and to arouse pleasant sympathy. In particular, the first gallery we have opened will revive the stagnant Garosu-gil business district and will offer differentiated experiences to our customers,” an 8seconds official said.

(Source: Korea Times)