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Sabon partners with Bluebell Group to launch the brand in Singapore and Oceania

Bluebell Group, Asia’s leading brand operator, announced its partnership with Sabon, Body and Beauty products made from natural and precious ingredients and housed in beautifully crafted objects, to launch the brand in Singapore, with potential further views in the region.

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Launching first with the brand’s in-market e-commerce ( this December, the partnership will further materialise through the opening of a retail store in Takashimaya Department Store in early 2022. With additional plans to open three more stores in Singapore in the next three years, Sabon’s ambition is to continue its growth in the South Asia. With Bluebell Group’s strong presence across the region and local consumer reach, Sabon will have one partner to look at further opportunities.

Source: Sabon

“We are very excited to further develop Sabon around the world with Bluebell Group. Sabon is a genuine brand with a true personality and we trust Bluebell to magnify Sabon’s authenticity, uniqueness and magic in Singapore in the coming months with this partnership,” said Joffrey Chartier – CEO of Sabon.

“Bluebell is a world class partner and a true retailer. We are looking forward to open our e-commerce in December, then our first store in 2022, with further views on the mid-term. We truly believe Sabon will resonate very well to the consumer in this part of the world as it already does with the rest of Asia,” added Edouard de Boisgrollier – CBO of Sabon.

Bluebell Group’s Managing Director for South East Asia, Nelly Ngadiman, said: “We are excited to welcome the SABON brand to Singapore, and reveal to Singaporean consumers nature’s wonders to infuse our communities’ lives with joy. Each encounter with SABON takes our guests on an enchanting and surprising journey, awaken the senses and enjoy the moment. According to our latest consumer survey* carried out in September across six Asian markets, 78 percent of South East Asian (Singapore and Malaysia) respondents leaned towards a change in their consumption habits with regards to showing preference for natural products.”

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SABON was launched in Tel Aviv in 1997 and has since gone on to be an international brand: with more than 220 retail locations around 15 countries. Since 2017, SABON is part of the Groupe Rocher, worldwide cosmetics and fashion group, founded in 1965 by the French entrepreneur Yves Rocher, present in 88 countries.


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