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Parisian label Ba&sh makes Singapore debut with flagship store opening

Cult Parisian womenswear brand Ba&sh has announced the opening of its first flagship store in Singapore, located at the Marina Bay Sands. 

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Launched in 2003, Ba&sh derived its name from the combined first names of its founders, Barbara Boccara and Sharon Krief, and gained prominence as a pioneer of ‘smart fashion’. Today the brand has a presence in over 70 countries, with more than 320 stores across Europe, China, and North America.

“It is a great honour for ba&sh to enter Singapore and open our first boutique in beautiful Marina Bay Sands. Singapore is not only the central hub of Southeast Asia, but also a bridge between East and West. It is also an important step to expand the Asia-Pacific market segment. We are looking forward to having more opportunities to learn more about Singapore and its customs in the future, and to inject new inspirations into the future design,” said Barbara Boccara and Sharon Krief, the brand’s co-founders.

Source: Ba&sh

The Singapore opening is in partnership with the Bluebell Group, a leading brand operator in Asia.  Nelly Ngadiman, managing director of Bluebell South East Asia & Australia, said, “We are delighted to partner with ba&sh in expanding their distinctive brand to the vibrant and diverse market of Singapore. The synergy between the Bluebell Group and ba&sh’s values and commitment to exceptional fashion makes this collaboration a natural fit. This flagship store at Marina Bay Sands will undoubtedly resonate with the fashion-savvy audience in Singapore.”

Source: Ba&sh

Inside the new boutique, carefully curated interiors complement the brand’s distinctive style. Wood and plaster stelae elegantly serve as pedestals, showcasing the exquisite accessories. Delicate rope curtains gracefully delineate different areas, while stoneware and ceramic wall sconces, meticulously crafted in France, lend an artistic touch to the ambiance.

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To infuse the store with a sense of warmth and charm, an array of meticulously handcrafted items by Afghan artisans adorn the space. Pillows, carpets, and hanging baskets exude an inviting atmosphere.

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