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Anya Hindmarch’s ‘Chubby Hearts’ lands in Hong Kong

Anya Hindmarch’s ‘Chubby Hearts’ exhibition, featuring oversized heart-shaped design installations that aim to spread joy, has landed in Hong Kong, marking the first time that the fashion designer’s artistic project is being showcased outside of London.

‘Chubby Hearts’ made its debut in 2018, featuring massive balloons hanging above iconic landmarks in London. The heartfelt gesture served as a declaration of love towards the city, occasionally playfully squashing the balloons within the structures. The project made a comeback on Valentine’s Day in 2019, and once again in 2022.

Chubby Hearts by Anya Hindmarch debuted in London in 2018, here pictured at English Heritage’s Wellington Arch. Source: Anya Hindmarch website

Now being presented in the Asian city by Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC), the project is supported by the Mega Arts and Cultural Events Fund, under the HKSAR government.

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“I am thrilled to be able to fly the Chubby Hearts over Hong Kong, one of my favourite cities in the world. I hope the installation brings a fun surprise to this vibrant, creative city, while spreading a little joy,” said Anya Hindmarch, who made a personal appearance at the launch event in Hong Kong on February 14, alongside Hong Kong chief executive John Lee as the event’s guest of honour.

Fashion designer Anya Hindmarch pictured at the launch event on February 14. Source: Hong Kong Design Centre/Anya Hindmarch

Running until February 24 – the 15th day of the Lunar New Year and the Lantern Festival, also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day – the exhibition features whimsical floating hearts placed in various iconic locations across Hong Kong, including the Belcher Bay Promenade in Kennedy Town, The Peak, the Flower Market in Prince Edward, and Temple Street in Jordan, among others.

Chubby Hearts Hong Kong in Tai Po Lam Tsuen (left) and Statue Square Garden in Central. Source: Hong Kong Design Centre/Anya Hindmarch

Renowned for her handbags and accessories, Hindmarch is highly recognised in the Hong Kong market for her creativity, groundbreaking efforts in choice of materials and sustainability as well as meticulous design of products. In collaboration with the Bluebell Group, a leading distributor of luxury, premium and lifestyle brands throughout Asia, Anya Hindmarch has established a presence in Hong Kong since 2006.

“In this new dragon year, we are very pleased to share love and good vibes to Hong Kong and its people with Anya Hindmarch’s ‘Chubby Hearts’. Having just gone through the most difficult crisis in the retail industry, it is a real pleasure to have such long term partners as Anya Hindmarch, a brand that brings uniqueness and freshness to the city, with our new stores in Lee Garden and K11 Musea, and more to come with exciting new collaborations,” says Samy Redjeb, managing director, Greater China, at the Bluebell Group.

Chubby Hearts Hong Kong at the Prince Edward Flower Market (left) and Belcher Bay Promenade in Kennedy Town. Source: Hong Kong Design Centre/Anya Hindmarch

The centrepiece of the exhibition is a large heart-shaped installation with a diameter of approximately 12 metres, located at the Statue Square Gardens in Central. 

‘Chubby Hearts’ is among a diverse array of events that Hong Kong is gearing up to host in the coming year, in a bid to boost the economy and the city’s reputation as an events hub. From prominent regional and international trade fairs and exhibitions to world-class arts, culture, and sports competitions, the city aims to attract a continuous influx of exciting experiences.

Source: Hong Kong Design Centre/Anya Hindmarch

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“These will spotlight our advantages as an events city centre, promote our economy, and reinforce Hong Kong’s status as a must-visit global city – for business and investment, as for tourism and non-stop entertainment,” said Hong Kong chief executive John Lee in his speech at the event.

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