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Japanese sportswear brand Goldwin opens first flagship store in China

Japanese high performance sportswear brand, Goldwin, opened its first flagship store in Beijing, China on 27th December 2021. Following the opening of Goldwin San Francisco in 2019 and Goldwin Munich in 2020, the new flagship is the third brand-owned flagship store outside Japan.

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Located at Taikoo Li Sanlitun shopping centre in Beijing, China, the new store concept was designed in collaboration with the Japanese architectural firm New Material Research Laboratory. Using traditional materials,  the store features Goldwin’s range of technical clothing.

The retail space is composed of three kinds of materials, all representing a unique Japanese aesthetic: Oya stone, a distinctive tuff stone typical of the region, precious old Nikko and Jindai cedar, and blackened steel with colorful patina created during the manufacturing process. The temperature, acoustics, and air quality are different from anything found in a modern city inviting customers to relax.

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Founded in the 1950s in Japan, Goldwin manufactures and markets sportswear for skiing, snowboarding, soccer, tennis, swimming, and other outdoor activities. Goldwin debuted its outdoor and athletic collections as well as C3fit collection, a line of compression gear in 2019.