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Anya Hindmarch, Louis Vuitton, and more brands prepare for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can serve as an opportune moment for brands to capitalise on the spirit of love and romance.

During this time, brands aim to create emotional connections with their target audience by offering unique experiences and engaging campaigns.

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Whether it’s through limited-edition products, exclusive collaborations, or captivating storytelling, brands harness the sentimental nature of Valentine’s Day to create memorable and shareable moments that resonate with consumers, making Valentine’s Day a prime occasion for creative and impactful marketing initiatives.

Source: Anya Hindmarch

Anya Hindmarch’s Chubby Hearts lands in Hong Kong 

Hong Kong is anticipating the the arrival of the ‘Chubby Hearts Hong Kong’ project, a breathtaking spectacle created by renowned British designer Anya Hindmarch and presented by the Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC), with the support of the Mega Arts and Cultural Events Fund (Mega ACE Fund).

This captivating project will be held at Statue Square Gardens in Central, spanning from Valentine’s Day to the Lantern Festival (February 14 to February 24).

The highlight of the installation is the world’s first massive floating red heart, measuring approximately 12 meters in diameter. In addition, daily flash mob displays of floating red hearts, with a diameter of around three metres, will surprise and delight visitors at various iconic locations across Hong Kong, including the Flower Market in Mong Kok, the Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree in Tai Po, and the Belcher Bay Promenade in Kennedy Town.

Originally debuting in London in 2018, Chubby Hearts quickly gained global acclaim for bringing joy and positive energy to the city.

Louis Vuitton opens Le Chocolat Maxime Frédéric in Singapore 

Source: Louis Vuitton

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Louis Vuitton introduces its first chocolate store in Singapore, Le Chocolat Maxime Frédéric, which opened at the Louis Vuitton flagship store in Marina Bay Sands on February 7.

The esteemed pastry chef, Maxime Frédéric, known for his work at Cheval Blanc Paris, leads this new venture, mirroring the meticulous craftsmanship of Louis Vuitton’s iconic trunks in handcrafted chocolates made with high-quality ingredients sourced from France.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Source: Polo Ralph Lauren

The Polo Ralph Lauren 2024 early spring collection draws inspiration from the romantic city of Paris.

Embracing the essence of dreams, Liu Junqian and Guo Xuefu have been invited to interpret couples’ ensembles.

The collection skilfully combines soft navy blue and cream white hues, creating a comfortable and relaxed aesthetic. With a touch of charm and elegance, these outfits capture the spirit of couples sailing together to the romantic Côte d’Azur.

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MCM’s ‘Love to the Moon and Back’ campaign

Source: MCM

German luxury fashion house MCM is embracing the spirit of love for its Spring-Summer 2024 collection with an exclusive capsule and campaign.

This collection unveils the brand’s newly launched Lauretos monogram, showcased in a captivating ruby red hue.

Titled ‘Love to the Moon and Back,’ the campaign captures MCM’s travel and exploration heritage, utilising playful hot air balloons and whimsical motifs to express love. Drawing inspiration from the collection’s lightweight construction, the campaign takes viewers on a captivating journey, evoking the sensation of floating on air. The capsule introduces the Lauretos pattern in a vibrant pink and deep red color palette, blending vivid hues and textured materials throughout a range of ready-to-wear garments and accessories.