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COLOURLIVING launches new concept


Hong Kong’s one-stop concept lifestyle store COLOURLIVING unveils a brand new in-store pop-up zone to showcase an ongoing roster of home-enhancing concepts.

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Wellness Living is the theme of the debut expertly curated pop-up, which showcases three ideas to help pacify the body and mind at home.

At Home with Wellness

The 21st-century’s reconnection with wellness balances a faster-paced life in this era of highly efficient technology and always-on communications. COLOURLIVING believes that enhancements that promote wellness at home are an invaluable aspect of quality living.

The mission of “Enriching Human Space” is at the heart of the selections of furniture, furnishings, and kitchen, sanitary and bathing ware at COLOURLIVING, and the recently introduced a pop-up Wellness Living focus is a nod to the growing contemporary urban demand for ways to invite harmony into homes. Bathrooms are more infused with Zen, spa-like elements and kitchens that offer multi-purpose preparation spaces equipped with state-of-the-art appliances to create nourishing meals. The bedroom, the study and every area of the home can be made more alluring, allowing its occupants to breathe a slow, deep exhalation of appreciation on returning back to the cosy cocoon of their own sweet sanctuary.

While COLOURLIVING is mindful of this in displays of all home areas, new pop-up Wellness Living zone deepens interest in the domestic emotional appeal that can rejuvenate the senses. Debut theme in this dedicated area introduces three life-affirming possibilities for the home.

Making Kitchen Time Special

If we are what we eat and drink, then our kitchen surely is at the very heart of wellness in the home – and it can really benefit from lifestyle enhancement. This is brought to the fore with the inclusion of high-end ergonomic Swiss kitchen sink brand Franke in COLOURLIVING’s Wellness Living pop-up. Franke’s ingenious use of space offers basin-covering modular chopping boards and preparation storage containers atop an elegant selection of durable materials – making entertaining in the kitchen, or spending family or solo time there all the more appealing.

Franke (1)

Tailored Tea for Good Health

A ‘food and drink’ link continues in the second of the three debut Wellness Living home products, with homegrown Hong Kong brand Lify. This specialist in dispensing premium natural herbal tea blends since 2017 has already won four international awards for its high-tech innovations. Using artificial intelligence (AI) to determine individual needs through a specially-designed app, Lify draws on traditional Chinese herbal medicine beliefs to provide a 21st-century approach to wellness through herbal-tea remedies and health boosters. User needs are input into an app that then suggests herbal drinks to be dispensed through Lify’s Wi-Fi-enabled Smart Herbal Brewer unit. All herb quality is certified, and filtered through specially-developed compostable tea discs.

Relax Body and Mind in Cutting-Edge Home Pool

The final section within the Wellness Living zone is Faraway Pool – a generously-proportioned cutting-edge relaxation tub by KOS. With it, COLOURLIVING presents a bold invitation to bring the feeling of the outdoors into the home. Designed and produced in Italy, Faraway Pool, sunken at floor-level, combines the function of soothing on-demand whirlpool jets with contemporary aesthetics. The pool’s overspill perimeter line appears as an infinity edge, and from it a gentle ripple that travels from one side the pool to the other can be generated.

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Adjustable-colour submerged mood lighting can relax or energise the pool user, depending on colours selected; and underwater ledges provide bench seating, a raised shallow-water platform and a deeper plunge-pool area.