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Balabala debuts high-end children’s clothing line – ‘Balabala Premium’

Balabala has officially launched its high-end children’s clothing brand ‘Balabala Premium’ in the China market to complement its existing store footprint of over 4,500 Balabala stores internationally.

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As China’s middle class expands, consumer spending in the children’s sector rises. Younger families in China are now demanding more personalized, professional products and engaging shopping environments. In light of this increased demand, the Premium Spring/Summer collection was launched in Haikou‘s luxury MixC mall. This launch was met with great  attention from industry insiders and media, with widespread social media sharing from influencers, parenting experts and supporters of the brand.

This unique retail environment highlights a harmonious relationship between man and nature through an arch shaped like a Hainan coconut. A stunning ivory white, high-grade black, and coconut wood color scheme dominates the space.

Source: Balabala Premium

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Balabala Premium aims to provide outdoor and urban functional clothing designed to last. Balabala’s pursuit of sustainability and mantra “nature without borders” furthers itself through a combination of practical materials and a minimalistic design. Practicing what they preach, the upcoming Balabala Premium 2022 Fall/Winter technology fashion collection is equally promising. Ranges are divided into urban function, outdoor exploration and skiing multi-function, fulfilling the three elements of design, practicality and technology.

As a brand committed to bringing their consumers the  ultimate experience beyond imagination, Balabala Premium offers fashion items that will inspire children in a dynamic environment, meeting all of their needs.

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