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Balabala sends the first kids digital brand ambassador – Rainy, to the Metaverse

First kids digital brand ambassador – Rainy

Balabala announced its entry into the metaverse, creating a hyper-realistic digital brand ambassador named ‘Rainy’. According to Baidu search engine, Rainy is the world’s first digital kid’s brand ambassador highlighting the leading position of balabala in the children’s wear industry.

The name Rainy takes its inspiration from rain, the water of life, an essential requirement for nourishment and growth. Balabala is the brand that truly understands how children grow up. With an insight into the metaverse, balabala creates a new communication window with the Z-generation, at the same time enhancing its multi-channel brand strategy.

Source : balabala
Recent collaboration with Christine Phung and Veeco Zhao
Source : balabala

In an additional announcement, balabala also reported securing key cooperation with two prominent designers Christine Phung and Veeco Zhao on its latest product series. Christine Phung worked as a fashion designer for Baby Dior and See by Chloé, and was later named the creative director of niche garment brand, Leonard Paris. Her work has been widely acknowledged by major fashion awards,  including but not limited to the Andam Fashion prix in 2013 and was named a shortlisted finalist for the Mango Fashion prix. Vecco Zhao, founder and designer of her namesake brand, previously studied under the renowned fashion  designer, Jean Paul Gaultier.

The new collection illustrates the beauty of youth by portraying European culture through the lens of  Chinese design concepts, encouraging kids to express themselves and become a part of their own fairy tale.

Balabala continues to drive its ambition in providing its global customers with diversified, high-quality products in a vibrant, exciting shopping environment, encouraging children around the world to have a wonderful childhood and aiming to “become  the go-to children’s fashion brand”.

More information can be found here.

Source : balabala