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Semir Group hosts inaugural international partner conference

In recognition of its rapidly growing family of international partners, Semir Overseas Division held its inaugural International Partner Conference on September 19 and 20 at the Semir Hangzhou campus.

Themed “Joint Growth,” the conference aimed to deepen the “Asia-focused, Global-driven” development strategy and promote the overseas expansion of Semir and Balabala. The conference served as a vital platform for communication, collaboration, and cooperation between the brands and partners.

Source: Semir Group

The conference united brand partners and potential collaborators from ten countries and regions worldwide, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Mongolia, Nepal, Laos, Nigeria, Hong Kong, China, and Macau, China.

Participants actively engaged in discussions concerning the development strategies for Semir and Balabala in the overseas market, exchanging valuable insights and fostering collaboration. The conference featured enlightening keynote speeches, visits to physical stores and an award ceremony, recognizing partners success in their markets.

Dedicated sessions were held for case sharing, encouraging the exchange of knowledge and experiences among partners. Attendees also had the opportunity to visit Semir’s livestreaming facility, to review opportunities for this digital channel development in their own markets.

David Xu, president of Semir Group, emphasised the company’s committed long term focus  on overseas business development. He expressed the group’s intention to mobilise more resources to support the growth of current markets and establish new markets internationally. 

The conference marks a significant milestone in the collaboration between Semir and its partners, creating strong personal and commercial relationships to drive growth in the International market place.     

Nicole Zhou, senior director of Semir’s Overseas Division, expressed: “This conference has provided us with a remarkable opportunity to gather representatives from across the globe. It has showcased the growth of our overseas team and the substantial enhancement of our conference organisation capabilities.

Throughout this event, we have effectively demonstrated the cultural atmosphere of Semir. Through our collaborative efforts and open communication, we are confident in achieving even greater accomplishments on a global scale. Let us join forces and continue propelling the development of Semir’s overseas business, fostering mutual growth along the way.”

Semir endeavours to expand the recognition, acceptance, and influence of its brands in the global clothing consumption market. The company is fully devoted to pursuing high-quality, win-win development alongside its partners, harnessing Semir’s wisdom and strength to enhance its global competitiveness within the clothing industry.