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Social media and food: the perfect match


How many times have you taken pictures of your dishes before starting your meal? How many times have you cooked something and made sure of its Instagrammability to share with your followers?

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Food is the social media protagonist regardless the platform and country. The phenomenon of foodporn has gathered  the interest of media experts, marketers, celebrities, scholars, and more, around the world, and it has created a whole world of food influencers.

Retail in Asia has partnered with PARKLU for the launch of theINSIDER 2019, a series of reports on influencer marketing divided by sector.

We had announced the release of the sports & fitness category earlier this year. Summer is dedicated to food.


The need for a glamourized visual presentation of food has also generated the proliferation of food brands, and the shift for some brands from a more traditional look to a fun and colorful experience with the hope to produce a social media hype and drive business.

Among the first favourite items to post, there are definitely “gelato” and “macaroons”,  “bubble tea”, “waffles”, and you, which one do you post and spot in your feeds?