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RIMOWA partners with BTS for the reality show ‘BTS BON VOYAGE’

BTS x RIMOWA_Bon Voyage Season 4_B

RIMOWA follows celebrated global pop brand BTS as they tour New Zealand for their reality show ‘BTS BON VOYAGE Season 4.’

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‘BTS BON VOYAGE’ is a reality show starring the seven BTS members as they travel around the world.

Accompanying their journey are RIMOWA classic and current collections, including the Original Cabin in Marine and Scarlet, the new Hybrid Cabin in all-black and white, the Original Trunk Plus in silver and the Essential Trunk Plus in black.

The band is seen taking their RIMOWA suitcases through airport lounges, hotel check-ins, and roadside stops. ‘BTS BON VOYAGE’ follows BTS’ trip from initial planning stages to departure and destination.

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‘BTS BON VOYAGE Season 4’ is set to show different charming points of BTS through various episodes, including the band enjoying the vast nature of New Zealand.