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Pets supply retail store Q-PETs enters the metaverse

Q-PETs, a Hong Kong pet supplies retail brand, announced that the company will be expanding virtually by entering the metaverse. This is the first step of digital transformation for Q-PETs. In celebration of reaching this milestone, Q-PETs will release limited edition Voxel NFTs available for purchase, which will sponsor different pet charities for animals in need.

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Besides sponsoring animal charities, Q-PETs is also building an interactive experience in The Sandbox, aiming to create a place for pet owners and their pets to prolong their emotional exchange in the metaverse without space-time constraints.

Q-PETs announces entry into The Sandbox metaverse, becoming the first Hong Kong pet chain store to open in the metaverse, preserving the emotional connection between owners and their pets in the boundless metaverse. To celebrate this milestone, Q-PET released a limited edition of pet portrait voxel NFTs, all proceeds, after cost-deduction, will be put towards sponsoring different animal-in-need charities.

Q-PETs limited edition pet portrait voxel NFTs have 10 designs, including 4 dogs, 4 cats and 2 rabbits, each design will have 100 voxel NFTs available, estimated to release in mid-2022.

“Entering The Sandbox metaverse is the first step of the brand’s digital transformation, we hope Q-PETs will appeal more to the younger generation, and advocate for animal welfare,” said Paul Yip, founder of Q-PETs.

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“Metaverse is becoming a new channel for brand promotion, we foresee the future will be a merge of the virtual and real economy. Metaverse experience will be linked back to reality services and vice versa,” said Yip.