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NOC Coffee Co. opens new location in Yuen Long, Hong Kong

NOC Coffee Co. has announced the launch of NOC YOHO MALL, a Japanese-style zen garden coffee space. The new store provides not only quality coffee and food, but also headspace for meditation and reflection in life. Its design promotes purification, calmness and tranquillity to provide customers with a pause from the hustle and bustle of  YOHO MALL I, which is located close by.

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The location has many details tailored to promote different values. For example, the streamlined ceiling reflects the ebbing and flowing of waves in mother nature. Similarly, the indoor decor and walls have been carefully selected to showcase the simple yet geometric lines inspired by the Karesansui landscape. By utilising natural elements like sand, greenery and moss, the space reflects the serene side table found in a Japanese style Karesansui garden.

Source: NOC
Source: NOC

The space captures the essence of the garden scenery, acting as a microcosm for customers to relax and distance themselves from the troubles of the city. This is further achieved by the natural sunlight streaming in from the large glass panes and soft indoor lighting.

NOC is continuously committed to creating a more sustainable environment for the community and leaving as little carbon footprint behind as possible. Recently, NOC has replaced single-use plastic to FSC-certified bamboo paper cups with water-resistant bio-coating for any purchases of iced beverages.

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To further echo the sustainability efforts, all wall furnishings are made from carefully selected eco-friendly Moso bamboo that is rapidly renewable and is known for its ability to rapidly absorb CO2. In addition, the recycled terrazzo is made up of concrete waste, non-degradable ceramic tableware and disposed coffee cups and plates.