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New York contemporary brand Theory opens a flagship store in Seoul


New York contemporary brand Theory opened a flagship store in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu on 4th July.

The company plans to establish a new “trendy place” in Hannam-dong to enhance brand-customer interaction and raise brand awareness.

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The Theory Flagship Store is a five-story building with a total area of 743 square meters (about 225 pyeong), which offers fashion, music, and café in one place, and features a modern and minimalist brand identity.

On the basement, there are several collections which rotate from time to time.

On the first floor, it showcases a ‘Theory 2.0’, featuring a young sensibility as well as trendy men’s and women’s casuals and denim.

On the second and third floor, there is a 100 seats performance hall called Stradeum run by iriver so that customers can experience classic, jazz.

Through collaboration with iriver, Theory flagship store is planning to offer a unique customer experience through movies and music performances, but also professional lectures and mentoring programs.

Source : Fashion Seoul

On the fourth floor, Steven Smith’s pop-up cafe and and iriver’s professional audio player Astell & Kern is set up as a space for listening, creating a trendy space where fashion and music coexist.

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“We have opened a flagship store in Hannam-dong, a young and trendy place, in order to solidify the brand identity.” said Park Young-mi, brand manager of Theory. “We are trying to provide differentiated brand experiences to young customers who are pursuing culture and lifestyle as well as fashion.

(Source: Fashion Seoul )