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Media spending in Thailand up by 11 percent

Following Thailand’s reopening, with people returning to work and the revival of its tourism industry, the country’s media spending surged 11 percent year-on-year to THB 88.1 billion, according to Nielsen Thailand.

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YouTube had the highest viewership rating in September with 1.46 percent, followed by TikTok with 0.69 percent and Facebook with 0.68 percent.

Despite economic headwinds and declining purchasing power due to lockdowns and Covid restrictions, advertisers are still deciding to spend more.

As of September, TV accounted for THB 47.4 billion in media spending, up 1 percent from last year, followed by internet at 19.8 billion, up 8.59 percent, and outdoor and transit ads at 9.7 billion, up 37 percent.

The food and beverage sector spent THB 14.2 billion on advertising during the first nine months, followed by personal care and cosmetics at 10.9 billion, then retail and food outlets at 8.7 billion.

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“If advertisers continue to spend in the fourth quarter, particularly e-marketplaces for double-day mega sales events, along with outlay by the tourism sector during the high season and the government sector, media spending is expected to grow more than 10 percent this year,” according to Nielsen Thailand’s senior insight analyst Panuwat Kaen-ngern.