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Aesop unveils its first flagship boutique in Thailand

Aesop has unveiled its first signature store in Thailand and its first ground-level boutique in Southeast Asia.

In the spirit of collaborating with local talent, Aesop has enlisted esteemed Thai architect, Sher Maker Studio, to create a space that pays homage to Thailand’s rich architectural heritage.

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The entrance blends with the lively streetscape, extending a warm invitation to passersby. Stepping inside, visitors find themselves in a dual-sectioned sanctuary that encompasses the main shop floor and the Fa-Lhai Room, a space designed to engage all the senses.

Source: Aesop

Drawing inspiration from the architectural vernacular of Thailand’s provinces, Aesop Thonglor features traditional elements and reclaimed teak, resulting in a harmonious fusion of past and present.

Source: Aesop

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Adjacent to the main shop floor, the Fa-Lhai Room serves as a sanctuary within the store, where patrons can retreat from the outside world and indulge in a moment of tranquility. The room’s ambiance, carefully curated with lighting, scents, and textures, also features the Fragrance Armoire, showcasing Aesop’s range of eau de parfum.