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Boyy opens new store in Central Embassy on Bangkok retail expansion

Boyy has opened a brand new flagship store in Thailand, as the independent brand continues in retail expansion across Bangkok.

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Located inside luxury mall Central Embassy, the new Bangkok store was designed in partnership with Boyy co-founders, Jesse Dorsey and Wannasiri Kongman, and Danish artist, Thomas Poulsen of FOS, and takes inspiration from the New York brand’s Milan standalone flagship, on Via Bagutta.

Adapted to its shopping centre locale, the Central Embassy store is designed to feel like shop-in-shop in the Asian metropolitan, with FOS portraying the store like “a city” (the shop), “within a city,” (the shopping mall), “within a city”, (Bangkok).

The entrance features three doors of varying sizes, revealing two distinct sections once inside. To the right, shoppers with find a smaller quarter, with the sole shop window, seamlessly connecting the mall’s scenery with the interior. On the left, shoppers will see a large expanse where the majority of the architectural structures are strategically positioned. Two imposing light boxes are featured above, with the ceiling’s height becoming increasingly pronounced as visitors venture further in-store.

The store’s dark grey concrete floor is partially veiled by carpets fashioned into specific shapes, which also serve as guides, leading shoppers throughout the store.

Light-hued polished concrete structures display the luxury brand’s latest collection of  bags, footwear, and clothing for women.

“It’s a collaboration between an artist and a brand. One might question why an artist would engage in such a highly commercial space,” said Poulsen, in talking about the new Boyy Central Embassy project.

“I’m fascinated by how objects change values within different frameworks. Jesse and Wannasiri provide me with an intriguing platform – one that accommodates both artistic sensibility and a commercial setting – in which I can develop a specific design language in collaboration with Boyy.”

The Central Embassy opening takes Boyy’s store count in Bangkok to three, with two other stores already operational in Siam Paragon, and Gayson Tower.