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LOJEL opens pop-up store at K11 MUSEA


LOJEL opened a pop-up store, The Art of Staycation, at K11 Musea on 7th July.

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Known for chic, minimalist design and an ambition to modernise the travel experience, LOJEL is helping Hong Kongers discover new possibilities for local travel at their first-ever pop-up. Highlights include customising a limited edition VOJA as well as an augmented reality experience exploring the Future of Travel. This theme looks at different ways travel could evolve after the world recovers from COVID-19.

The iconic K11 MUSEA is the perfect environment for LOJEL to debut their first Hong Kong experiential pop-up store. Both share a deep passion for design, culture and unique vision for creating immersive experiences.

Taking pride in their craftsmanship, LOJEL has introduced a limited edition Voja Duo in a carry-on size that allows avid travellers to mix and match their favorite colors and make their staycation truly unique and personal.

VOJA Duo (1)
Source: LOJEL

The new pop-up store marks the launch of LOJEL first customisable limited edition VOJA Duo in carry-on size, offering various vibrant colors for the top and bottom luggage shell, making it a perfect companion for a summer staycation in Hong Kong. As a brand who always listens to their fans and customers, LOJEL has received many requests for personalised luggage over the years. It has now been made possible at the brand’s pop-up.

Customers can make their VOJA Duo with any 2 vibrant colors from the in-store tablet, mix and match their favorite combinations and see it assembled by the LOJEL Gurus. With a few simple clicks, a personalised tag will be laser-engraved carefully for each customer and neatly stored in the LOJEL leather tag holder.

Bringing digital experiences and the physical community experiences together, ”The Art of the Staycation” let visitors ‘time travel’ by envisioning what future travel may look like using augmented reality (AR) technology.

Source: LOJEL

LOJEL is exploring a Phygital – ‘phy’ sical + di ‘gital’ approach to the ‘The Future of Travel’, by collaborating with creatives in the travel industry to present innovative solutions for travelers’ wellbeing during their future journeys. As life becomes more mobile, LOJEL has also re-imagined what luggage and bags can evolve in the future to help people navigate life in an unpredictable world. The brand takes visitors on a journey to the future, anticipating what travel may look like post-pandemic.

LOJEL understood the convenience of online shopping as well as the importance of touching and trying products in a physical store. While customers can enjoy these unique experiences in the pop-up, their final purchase will be delivered to the customers’ doorsteps at no additional cost. It is the brand’s intention to make customers’ offline experience just as seamless as their online experience and making every step truly personal and effortless. No more long-waits in store or carrying things around in the city. This pop up provides a travel solution for a staycation in Hong Kong featuring not only carry-on luggage but also functional and stylish Urbo 2 backpacks and travel accessories.

The Art of the Staycation Pop-up will be open for six months, until December 31st 2020.

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LOJEL has partnered with ZENG, the stunning skybar venue and cocktail guru who shares the same pride in craftsmanship and design as LOJEL to craft unique drinks that bring experiences to life. ZENG has conceptualised 3 beautiful and refreshing summer mocktails, inspired by the vibrant colors of Voja to accompany guests’ journey as they visit our newest pop-up.