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PODCAST #5: Beyond GEN Z

Retail in Asia launches its podcast series “Run with us” to keep our readers, always on the move and craving for market insights, up to date in the fast-changing retail landscape in Asia.

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Retail in Asia has invited Jacopo Pesavento,  Co-founder and CEO of Branding Records, a boutique branding agency with a vision to help SMEs to develop and launch their own unique brands throughout the online and offline world, to join the 2nd edition of the Asia Retail Arena in May 2019.

During the event, he shared his views on how brands tend to segment their customers based on generations and how limited this can be in terms of understanding of consumer behaviour.

Jacopo We invited him to take us on a journey to discover GEN Z in China and how is it more than a generational segmentation.

Jacopo and his team are passionate about delivering strong brand strategy, development, marketing, and social media management. Jacopo is currently pursuing new projects and ventures, spending his time equally between Hong Kong and Shanghai.