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Inside the “Musée de KAKAO FRIENDS”


Kakao Friends is holding a second exhibition at the “Kakao Friends Concept Museum” in Hongdae, Seoul from 15 December 2017 to 27 May 2018.

This exhibition is dedicated to the cultural icon Kakao Friends which represents modern times.

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Kakao Friends’ second exhibition project theme is ” Musée de KAKAO FRIENDS”, which is a parody of the space and classic works reminiscent of famous museums through the Kakao Friend Character. It is characterized by the reinterpretation as a witty artwork.

Through this, Kakao Friends, the most popular character in the daily life of the tech-savvy Koreans, has expanded into aesthetic form, expressing the process of being born into a cultural time characterized by artistic inspiration.

In the seven-section exhibition, visitors can see the parody works of Kakao friends characters Ryan, Muzi, Apeach, Frodo, Neo, Tube, Jay. Each section features a variety of interesting spaces where visitors can experience photo spots and characters all over the body to make unique experiences with Kakao Friends characters.

The second basement floor of the exhibition hall is a well-coming space that welcomes visitors. It embodies the mysterious character sculpture park with a vague border between outdoor and indoor areas, with the motif of the Versailles Palace in France and the Moma Museum in New York.

Additionally, in the central ceiling, a large chandelier lighting installation art utilizing the “Ryan Mood Lamp”, a standard product of Kakao Friends, is placed to enlighten the scene.

The first floor of the exhibition hall is a full-scale work experience space, and the overall concept is composed of an art deco style that can be seen in a typical classical museum.

In the last section of the exhibition, Kakao friends character illustration is placed on the entire wall to provide a large coloring space where visitors can paint their own characters, giving visitors the opportunity to complete their own works.

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“This exhibition is designed to create opportunities for consumers to experience cultural contents from different perspectives through the Kakao Friend character, which is based on emoticons and is loved by the people,” said Kakao Friends. “I hope that it will be an opportunity to experience a new type of exhibition that combines familiar characters and art.”

Kakao Friends second exhibition, “Musée de KAKAO FRIENDS”, is operated as an online reservation system, and other details can be found on the official site of the Kakao Friends Concept Museum.

(Source: Sedaily )