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Avatar and AI tech for Estée Lauder X’mas campaign

Avatar and AI tech for Estée Lauder X'mas campaign

In the run up to Christmas, international skincare and beauty paragon Estée
Lauder celebrates the festive season with an automated AI scan-to-avatar technology that makes customers the hero/heroine in their own virtual fairy tale.

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For the upcoming Christmas, Estée Lauder envisages the Estée Wonderland on
the theme of carousel.

The avatar travel through time in the company’s best selling projects in a 22-second virtual reality movie.

The world’s only Quantum Human automated AI technology is the brainchild
after 8 years of research and development effort.

It brings the expertise in creating virtual characters, previously reserved for Hollywood productions, to everyone, while the avatar automation process takes only a second.

Unlike 3D scanning where data cannot be used in media other than 3D printing,
Quantum Human automated AI technology enables true automation of virtual
identity creation en masse in full details.