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Xiaohongshu releases Community Guidelines for Businesses

With a growing number of businesses joining the platform, Xiaohongshu released a set of Community Guidelines for Businesses on 6th May, 2022, setting out a code of conduct for merchants and brands to keep the platform an authentic space with transparent engagement.

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“Hundreds of millions of users are sharing and discovering life experiences and lifestyles in Xiaohongshu, which has also inspired a group of creative and product-focused merchants and brands. As the number of businesses in the community continues to grow, we hope to empower them to create greater value for users and achieve success in the community by laying out principles for how they should operate within Xiaohongshu’s authentic atmosphere and build user trust. Having a vibrant business ecosystem will benefit our community, which also serves the purpose and mission of a lifestyle community,” said Zhu Bin, Xiaohongshu Head of Community Operations.

Xiaohongshu has become a source of information for users as they seek to make informed lifestyle and consumption decisions. Users rely on peer recommendations for their upcoming purchases. As a result, there has been an increasing number of posts with the keywords “how to buy”, “is it good”, “is it worth buying” or “what to do”. This has attracted a growing number of businesses on Xiaohongshu as they seek to connect with these users. Currently, there are 130,000 brands on Xiaohongshu from more than 200 countries and regions around the world.

For the first time ever, Xiaohongshu’s Community Guidelines targeted at businesses lays out principles for how businesses should operate on Xiaohongshu’s platform and build user trust, creating a healthy and sustainable business ecosystem.

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Read Xiaohongshu’s Community Guidelines for Businesses here.