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The top 2022 beauty trends on Xiaohongshu

Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book), a social e-commerce platform with 100 million monthly active users in China, released its “2022 Beauty Trends Report” on 13th April.

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Based on keywords searched on the platform in 2021, the “2022 Xiaohongshu Beauty Trends Report”  provides  insights into the emerging trends in the beauty sector in China. According to the report, the top four beauty trends this year are “efficient skincare”, “haute makeup”, “stacking products” and “gender neutrality”, as searches for content related to these keywords soared on Xiaohongshu in the past year. Data also shows that Xiaohongshu’s users love to try new things and take self-confidence seriously.

Top four beauty trends

2022 keyword #1: Efficient skincare

When it comes to skincare products, quality trumps quantity. Searches for “simplified skincare” increased by 170 percent while “skincare pyramid” increased by 560 percent.

Source: Xiaohongshu

2022 keyword #2: Haute Makeup

At the same time, searches on personalised and customised makeup rose in 2021 as users are looking for makeup that can transform flaws into unique characteristics. Searches for “Square face makeup” increased by 1100 percent, “How to define olive skin” increased by 470 percent, and “Facial angling” increased by 163 percent.

Source: Xiaohongshu

2022 keyword #3: Stacking products

According to Xiaohongshu, combining the use of multiple products became popular as it was said to deliver an exponential effect. Searches for “Lip oil layering” and “Perfume layering” increased by 135 percent and 82 percent respectively.

Source: Xiaohongshu

2022 keyword #4: Gender neutrality

Men’s beauty gained popularity on the platform. In addition to perfumes, facial cleansers and lotions, men are looking for an even wider variety of beauty products, Searches for “Men’s eyebrow shape” and “Men’s makeup cream” were up 130 percent and 354 percent respectively.

Source: Xiaohongshu
Beauty Influencers on Xiaohongshu

The number of beauty-related creators continues to grow in Xiaohongshu with an increase of male users (up 14 percent) in 2021. Beauty influencers are also getting younger with the post-2000s generation accounting for 20 percent of the platform’s beauty creators. Nearly 70 percent of Xiaohongshu’s beauty creators are based in top-tier cities.

Looking at the profiles of users browsing beauty-related posts, females account for 89 percent of the total user base while 88 percent of the users are between 18-34 years old.

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Data shows that the number of daily posts related to beauty and makeup ranks steadily among the platform’s top categories. The average exposure of beauty-related posts in the past six months is 1.6 times higher than the average of all content categories.