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Starbuck’s Teavana Bar and Kiosk launches in Hong Kong

Teavana Bar

This summer, Teavana is bringing a refreshing new experience and eight exclusive new beverages to Hong Kong.

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In 2016, Teavana brought Hong Kong a reimagined tea experience from the west that celebrated the pairing of a top quality tea base with creative ingredients.

The brand new Teavana Bar launches at the energetic apm shopping mall in Kwun Tong, spreading creative and youthful energy across Kowloon.

apm Starbucks Store - Teavana Bar 1
Source: Teavana

Kwun Tong apm Starbucks Teavana Bar adapts an open design, where customers can watch as their beverages are handcrafted by Teavana’ employees. While waiting, customers can indulge in a moment of peace with thoughtfully designed interior featuring color- flecked green tiles.

The Teavana Bar is lined with white 3D tiles and copper accents that trace the outline of hibiscus flowers, coffee, and tea leaves and botanicals, shining through an arched opening that punctuates the terracotta-toned façade.

iSQUARE Teavana Kiosk 3
Source: Teavana

Teavana also introduces Hong Kong’s exclusive Teavana Kiosk at iSQUARE Starbucks, a new retail model where customers can simply grab-and-go when a time-out is needed.

The Teavana Kiosk features a grey terrazzo bar adorned with rose gold accent, set against a soothing pink wall, taking customers out of work mode – even if it is just for a quick break.

The revamped Kwun Tong apm Starbucks and Teavana Bar opened its doors to the bold new world of tea on July 25, 2019, while Teavana Kiosk at iSQAURE Starbucks opens on July 26, 2019.

With quality tea as the foundation, Teavana wish to spark customer’s imagination with a modern take on flavor pairings, combining ingredients such as fresh fruits and ‘Super Foods’, and a dash of Teavana’s brand characters ‘ B ‧ Y ‧ W ‧ I ‧ E ’ (Bold, Youthful, Welcoming, Inventive, Enriching), to create new beverages that match the personalities, needs, and palates of Teavana fans in Hong Kong.

Personalize Your Tea Options to Create Your Own Flavor
Teavana has presented an array of new tea beverages that can be personalized with different tea bases, but it understands that sometimes, less is more.

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That is why Teavana is also introducing Freshly Brewed Tea brewed with innovative techniques for those who are looking to savor the quality of Teavana tea in the most authentic and simplest form.