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Hennessy opens new concept store in Shanghai

BLENDS by Hennessy

Hennessy has inaugurated its first bar in the heart of Shanghai, adding a new dimension to its historic ties with China, where the cognac maker first arrived in the mid-19th century.

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BLENDS by Hennessy is a unique hub of cognac culture located in the iconic BUND 18 building, a hugely popular spot that draws fashionable local and international clientele.

With its futuristic white atmosphere and lunar shell look, the new BLENDS by Hennessy concept bar in Shanghai is unique right down to design details. Transcending time, this space offers cocktail lovers a chance to experience cognac cocktails in exciting new ways.

Source: Hennessy

Hennessy tapped molecular mixology specialist Chris Xi to invent five cocktails that recount the history of the Maison. Each cocktail evokes a signature personality trait of the celebrated cognac house, matched to its own Pantone color and associated with a memorable sensorial experience.

A singular fusion of cultures and flavors, BLENDS by Hennessy has naturally become a must in today’s effervescent Shanghai lifestyle. The cocoon hosts special events as well, including master classes in mixology. And for a complete experience, the BLENDS Mini Program offers an array of services such as online reservations or e-shopping.

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BLENDS by Hennessy is a new way to celebrate cognac culture in an intimate, avant-garde atmosphere.