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CREA expands presence in Malaysia and names new CEO

Southeast Asia’s ecommerce enabler, CREA, is strengthening its regional presence and offerings with the appointment of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) veteran Katrina Neo as Chief Executive Officer, Malaysia. Neo will lead CREA’s continued expansion in Malaysia, which will help brands maximise the opportunities to go direct to Malaysian consumers and help consumers gain greater access to different products across multiple channels. This will include several exclusive independently-owned brands through CREA’s strategic partnership with SuperOrdinary.

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Prior to joining CREA, Katrina held leadership roles in a range of companies such as Dutch Lady, Kraft, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) , and Kimberly-Clark, where she was instrumental in driving commercial transformation. She was also responsible for implementing various go-to market strategies that led to market share and revenue growth for the brands.

Neo brings with her extensive in-market landscape knowledge, which will help her drive CREA’s growth and scalability. Neo’s industry expertise coupled with CREA’s innovative technology will help brands under CREA grow by maximising their scale and reach with a single multi-channel solution. As CREA onboards new brands and expands its presence into Malaysia, Neo will be instrumental in spearheading localisation efforts for those brands.

CREA was founded in 2019 by serial entrepreneurs, Aimone Ripa di Meana and Alessandro Piscini, and is headquartered in Thailand. In 2022, Malaysia will be one of the strategic growth markets for CREA as they continue expanding their Southeast Asia presence.

“We are excited to have Katrina onboard to help drive the company’s next phase of growth in Malaysia, following our significant investment to build capabilities in the market. We believe that with her experience as a business leader, and her extensive industry knowledge, Katrina can help brands in Malaysia navigate the complexity of the fragmented digital space and achieve ecommerce success across multiple channels. We are confident that our continued success in Southeast Asia, led by our power-based market of Thailand, can be replicated in Malaysia, under Katrina’s leadership,” said Aimone di Ripa Meana, Founder and Co-CEO of CREA.

As a leading ecommerce enabler, CREA makes ecommerce success effortless for brands, helping them to grow across multiple channels. By leveraging ecommerce expertise and innovative proprietary technology, CREA is a single multi-channel solution that can help brands tackle the complexity within the fragmented digital commerce space on one unified platform.

By using innovative technology and deep industry expertise, CREA provides brands with marketing, branding and data-driven channel insights to further brands’ growth within Southeast Asia. CREA also has direct-to-consumer fulfilment and store and channel management which helps brands maximise their opportunities to go direct to consumer.

CREA’s portfolio currently includes over 84 international beauty, fashion, and FMCG brands such as, The Body Shop, Vans and Nestlé Dolce Gusto, to name a few. With five integrated warehouses across Southeast Asia, CREA is also able to help brands with multi-channel direct to consumer fulfillment.

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This move follows the US$25 million investment in mid-November 2021 by brand accelerator SuperOrdinary. The strategic partnership with SuperOrdinary also creates a global distribution network which allows brands CREA work with to expand into new markets seamlessly.