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Sprinkles bakery expands to Asia, starting with South Korea

Beverly Hills’ Sprinkles is making waves on the international stage as it strategically expands its franchise operations into South Korea.

This market entry is the first step in the American bakery’s plans to bring its iconic treats worldwide, with further Asia ventures planned in Singapore and Malaysia.

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Dan Mesches, CEO of Sprinkles, says, “Sprinkles is a beloved global brand, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the overwhelming interest we’ve received. Embarking on this global franchising journey allows us to spread joy and create unforgettable moments.”

Working in close collaboration with international franchise partners SPC Samlip, which holds expertise in introducing American brands to Asia, and Bridgeport Investments, Sprinkles has outlined plans to open over 18 bakeries internationally, commencing in 2024.

Sprinkles opened its first location in Beverly Hills, California, in 2005. Source: Sprinkles

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Brett Willis, Sprinkles’ vice president of development, says, “Sprinkles’ legacy is rooted in creating moments of joy and celebration. The international franchise expansion is a testament to our dedication to sharing these moments on a global scale.

With strong demand for other countries, these franchisee signings are only the start to developing our global brand presence as we intend to sign franchises in Europe, South American and additional ASEAN countries.”