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Venchi lands at at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

With an Italian heritage spanning over 140 years, Venchi has gained a global reputation in more than 70 countries. Venchi launched its 25th store in China at bustling travel hub, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport.

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The r store will cater to domestic and international travelers seeking premium Italian confectionary. Featuring a signature pick-and-mix chocolate wall, the shop offers a tempting selection of more than 50 varieties of chocolates, over 30 unique chocolate assortment gift boxes, and a Hongqiao International Airport exclusive “Travel Collection” design box.

A comfortable lounge area is designed where shoppers can enjoy Venchi’s 16 most renowned Gelato flavours. Made with the finest natural ingredients, including Piedmont Hazelnuts, Bronte Pistachios, Ligurian olive oil, Sorrento lemon, Madagascar vanilla, and premium cocoa beans from top cocoa-producing areas in South America and Africa; no artificial colours and flavours added to present the most authentic taste of Italy.

Source: Venchi

This venture is the latest installment in Venchi’s rapid APAC expansion, having opened 12 stores in China, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia in 2020 alone. Venchi has opened 13 stores in Hong Kong all within the last 10 years, 70% of which opened their doors in the last four years with plans to open more in the works.

Venchi’s investment in Hong Kong and the wider APAC region comes from the realisation that the current market situation is more stable and retail rental rates have become decidedly more favorable. What is more, Venchi has adapted to its current customers’ needs, for example offering more take away options so customers need not remove facemasks in store and adding a delivery platform.

Marco Galimberti, Managing Director of Venchi APAC, believes that Asia will be the future of the company and that now is the perfect time to invest.

“Never let a good crisis go to waste is our motto. We did not allow for Covid to affect our plans as we know sooner or later the situation will resolve. Instead, we powered on and adapted to the climate we now find ourselves in. By the end of 2021 we will be proud to announce APAC will be Venchi’s largest market outside of Italy, with the highest number of stores,” said Marco Galimberti.


Venchi prepared for rapid Asia expansion by increasing factory capacity by 50% in 2018. With plans to open a further 29 stores in APAC in 2021, following Shanghai Hongqiao, the next location will be in Shanghai Qiantan Taikoo Li. Venchi is then set to open the first store in Osaka, Nanjing and Malaysia, and will keep expanding in Taipei and Jakarta.