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Retail in Asia and The Italian Chamber of Commerce team up for The Asian Retail Arena


Retail in Asia and The Italian Chamber of Commerce are glad to invite you to the 1st edition of The Asian Retail Arena – what’s next for retail?

The Asian Retail Arena is a unique platform created to bring together the major players and disruptors in the retail industry to shed light on the changes and transformation that have been forging the contemporary retail landscape.

The Asian Retail Arena is thought to engage the retail community and provide it with the latest trends in order to set directions to understand the future of retail.

The format aims to enhance the interaction with different stakeholders as reflected in the partnership established to form the organizing committee.


While retailers are wondering if in the digital era we will still need retail stores, and are opening their own .com, and exploring partnerships with market places, internet giants such as Amazon and Alibaba are looking at ways to expand offline, and digital platforms like Tencent are working on ways to drive traffic to retail stores.

Without any doubt, the retail store will still play a major role in the retail industry, however, there are no clear directions into its transformation. Retail players are working towards the improvement of in-store customer experience, and the development of a complicated omnichannel path, but how does retail space is going to look like?

This panel will include speakers from different background, online players, architects and designers, real estate companies, and brands with outstanding in-store experience.


Luxury has always been defined by its properties of exclusivity, uniqueness, scarcity, high quality, and limited access. However, in the 21st century features appear diluted and luxury goods popularized.

Among the factors which have contributed to it, digital transformation has played a role in extending the access to luxury goods.

While there are still brands reluctant to sell their products online, big players such as Alibaba and have launched exclusive e-commerce platforms to engage luxury brands and provide online avenues which somehow reflect offline positioning.

Can this re-establish the order in luxury sector and what are the risks?

Brands and online players will discuss what is luxury in the digital landscape.


Shopping has become a key element of the travel experience for many passengers, and as such, the provision of duty free and travel retail goods is a service as well as an important generator of revenues.

However, together with the increasing demands and offer, issues such as price transparency, variety of products, poor customer experience emerge from the recent reports published about the development of travel retail.

Among the latest entries in the airport landscape, cars are exhibited as if they were artworks in the halls together with best performing and well established brands such as cosmetics and wine & spirits which have been able to differentiate their offer and provide unique experience to travelers.

Do those brands work well in travel retail for their embedded features, or the lessons are transferable to other sectors?

Airports are becoming places to live in and focus on providing the best hospitality experience to make dwell time more enjoyable, how brands and shoppers can benefit from it?

Travel retail players and brands particularly focusing on travelers as consumers will be taking us through a journey into this changeling experience.

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