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Pal signs Iacucci


Leading fashion retailer, Pal Group, has signed an exclusive distribution deal with Italian accessories brand, Iacucci.

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The brand began selling in Japan last month through Pal’s online store and Zozotown. At the end of the month Pal opened the first Iacucci concession in Daimaru Tokyo.

Iacucci has been sold in Japan for a number of years through select shops such as Tomorrowland and Estnation.

As well as importing the core leather collection, Pal has ordered limited edition lines with more casual materials such as canvas. Pal will roll out more concessions for the brand as well as sell selected items through its chains Russet and Papillonner.

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For 1Q-3Q2018, Pal posted sales of ¥97.5 billion, up 6.7% and operating profit of ¥6.8 billion, up 9.5%, and for the full year forecasts sales of ¥133.5 billion, up 8.3%.

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