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Miniso to expand into four new global markets

Chinese lifestyle retailer Miniso announced on March 28 plans to expand its operations into four new markets this year: AngolaTrinidad and Tobago, Latvia, and Panama.

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In Latvia, the first Miniso store will open in the capital city of Riga in early summer 2023, while the first Panama store is expected to open in June this year, with a total of seven stores expected in the country by year-end.

In Angola, Miniso has secured a location in Shopping Avennida, a luxury mall in the country’s capital Luanda, with plans to open ahead of Christmas. Miniso said it has plans for a further three stores in the city moving forward.

Meanwhile, the first Miniso store in Trinidad and Tobago is expected open its doors in mid-2023, with the aim of opening up more stores within three years. For its market debut, Miniso teamed up with a leading retail group in Latin America that has worked with internationally renowned retailers.

The brand said it is also looking for more opportunities to grow and build partnerships in Central and South America.

“As we and Miniso Group embark on this new journey together, we hope to provide and transform the shopping experience for customers through the uniqueness of each product offered and the availability of a diversity of exclusive items,” said a representative of the Latin America retail group partnering with Miniso in the region.

“Our mission is to bring new and innovative offerings, and Miniso is exceptionally original and unique. Our customers will enjoy discovering the latest original product designs and navigating through the diverse categories of exclusive items and gift concepts. We are certain that this partnership would be fueled by more success stories as we expand together in our region.”

Founded in 2013, Miniso is a Japanese-inspired lifestyle retailer. Since its inception, it has entered 105 markets and boasts over 5,400 stores to-date, attracting over 1 billion customers worldwide.

“I would like to thank all of our partners who have come this far with Miniso,” said Miniso founder and CEO, Jack Ye.

“Miniso has grown to be one of the most globalised Chinese brands. As we move into the next decade, we remain committed to doing our utmost to create an outstanding brand for consumers all over the world. I would like to invite our partners to join the journey with Miniso and be part of an exciting future.”