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“Love, ESPRIT” debuts in Hong Kong

Fashion and lifestyle brand ESPRIT has launched a three-story pop-up store in Hong Kong, marking the brand’s long-awaited return. “Love, ESPRIT” combines art installations, interactive games, and ESPRIT’s latest collections to create an immersive love letter to Hong Kong. The exhibit will run until 23 October on Russell Street, Causeway Bay.

In addition to celebrating the brand’s heritage, the pop-up also celebrates its bright future. The exhibition explores ESPRIT’s long-standing mission to spread happiness through fashion, and introduces its new look and feel, personified by the newly-introduced mascot, Joy the Dolphin.

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In the Joy Department on the ground floor, visitors are greeted by a sculpture of Joy the dolphin, whose positive spirit embodies the spirit of the brand. An origami-inspired installation of Joy by artist duo Stickyline gives the illusion that the dolphin is leaping out of the water.

In the Heritage Gallery, visitors can see treasured images from ESPRIT’s archives. In these vintage posters, ESPRIT showcases its long history of spreading joy with cheerful colors and laidback styles as well as its commitment to sustainability, equality, and inclusivity. In the Heritage Room, visitors can learn about ESPRIT’s history and take a trip back in time before taking in the installation of mirrors and LED lights creating the illusion of being infinity.

The Fashion Closet on the first floor features a selection of key items from ESPRIT’s new collections, including the tennis and neon collections, which can be purchased in-store or on the company’s website.

The second floor features Joyground, a lounge decorated with neon lights to emulate the illuminated signs that historically dominated Hong Kong’s streets. There will also be a rotation of local cafes taking over the café kiosk for “Love, ESPRIT” for a limited time, offering their signature drinks.

In addition, “Love, ESPRIT” marks the launch of the brand’s new avatar program. Visitors creating avatars at the exhibition will receive an exclusive chance to play rounds of the claw machine arcade game. There will also be exclusive offers for avatar owners in the future.

Source: ESPRIT

On 20 August, ESPRIT is hosting a first-ever free tram ride day, when all rides on Hong Kong’s iconic trams will be free for the public to celebrate the launch of the exhibition and the brand’s long-awaited return to the city. As part of ESPRIT’s fun-loving spirit, all tram motormen will be dressed in ESPRIT clothing on the day.

In recent months, the brand has made a big splash in Hong Kong. To celebrate its return to Hong Kong, it will offer free tram rides on 20 August 2022. ESPRIT hopes to promote its inclusiveness through this ride, while inviting Hong Kong-ers to join in on the festivities. ESPRIT apparel will be worn by all tram motormen.

An expression of ESPRIT’s heritage, values, and essence in celebrating life, love, and togetherness, “Joy the Dolphin”, was introduced earlier this month. With its new mascot, the brand strives to reach out and engage with audiences around the world through unique brand experiences, products, and customer engagement-focused activations.

Several key hires have strengthened the brand’s management since April. Former L’Oreal Hong Kong CMO Larry Luk joined ESPRIT as Chief Digital and Marketing Officer. After working for L’Oreal Hong Kong for about five years, Luk joined ESPRIT.

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A new role for the company has been made by Ivy Au, who will be responsible for bridging the gap between brand marketing and eCommerce, as well as enhancing the use of data to locate and reach the audience with messages that drive sales conversion. Additionally, Maximilian Wang joined ESPRIT as Head of Marketing and Communications. In this role, Mr Wang directs branding, corporate communications, brand and loyalty marketing, and visual merchandising to cement the company’s worldwide presence.

Calvin Wang has also joined the company as Head of Brand Strategy, Innovation, and Partnerships. His role is to lead ESPRIT’s brand strategy to meet its international business goals and revitalize its fashion brand.