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KAWS collaborates with AllRightsReserved for KAWS:HOLIDAY SPACE


On 17th August 2020, for its fifth stop, KAWS:HOLIDAY travels to space.

Since 2018, the KAWS:HOLIDAY project has landed in Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong, and Japan, attracting a global audience. Working again with longtime collaborator AllRightsReserved, KAWS:HOLIDAY is now taking off.

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Audiences from around the world can escape with COMPANION as he embarks on a journey beyond our atmosphere. Follow COMPANION’s revitalizing journey as he looks back at Earth from a new vantage point.

For KAWS:HOLIDAY SPACE, COMPANION dons an astronaut suit and takes a sounding balloon 41.5 kilometers (136,296 feet) up into the Stratosphere. After reaching super high speeds, COMPANION’s adventure culminates in a 2-hour, zero-gravity walk in uninhabited space before returning to Earth. The entire exploration process took about 8 hours from preparation for lift-off, departure to landing. It was recorded with a 360-degree panoramic video camera, capturing COMPANION’s historical moment and marking his 20th year in existence.

KAWS is always thinking about what sculpture can be.

“So many projects have been cancelled this year. I wanted to create one that could be experienced safely from home. Because this year marks 20 years since I created COMPANION, I tried to find a way around all the restrictions and do something special. I felt so confined the past few months that creating a project like this has really given me a chance to escape.”

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To commemorate this historical space exploration, KAWS:HOLIDAY and AllRightsReserved created “KAWS:HOLIDAY SPACE” – a 11.5 inch COMPANION in an astronaut look that comes in 3 colorways of gold, silver and black. Launched exclusively on DDT Store on 17th August 2020, while stock lasts.

Source: KAWS